Mar 282016

The above documents are expected to be flawless with respect to syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

  • If you need help with these skills, find the appropriate resources BEFORE submitting your documents. Our intake review team DOES NOT look favorably on errors in this regard, or at any time during internship. If you want us to certify you as ready for employment, then we expect you to perform to those standards.
  • If we feel that your materials need additional attention, you will be notified as such, so that you can make the necessary adjustments before continuing.
  • The above applies to ALL materials submitted for the duration of your internship. Find ways to get it right the first time, or we will continue to spend remedial time doing so. The choice is yours.


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Mar 222016

Good evening Alec, and thank you for expressing interest to intern with our firm.

Your next steps in application will help prepare you for interview and tryouts, as well as increase the chances of a positive outcome on this adventure.

First, if you don’t already have one, procure a copy of  ‘At Home With Holistic Management’ by Ann Adams. Your local book store may be able to source it for you. You can also find it on line. If you need tutorial assistance with the material or exercises, please advise and we’ll see what we can arrange at distance.

Prior to interview, we will be looking for:

  • your description of your whole and your holisticgoal, using the workbook as a guide to format of your presentation
  • you to create a new post to begin to log your internship journey
  • you to create a new post to begin to log your HM (Holistic Management) journey
  • completion of Introduction to Incident Command, ICS-100. More on this to follow as we look further into credentialing from online completion.
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Mar 222016

Good morning Sara,

Thank you for expressing an interest to intern with our firm.

We noticed on your application, where it ask “what are three contemporary issues/problems you are most concerned about?”, a response of n/a.

Can you explain further?

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Jul 082013

Here is why I think it would be a great idea for us and the Athens’ Own mobile kitchen to participate in the ACARA’s field day event:

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Jun 072013

Alyse and I have been talking about motivational things. We came up with thinking about Athens’ Own as a potential car purchase. We want to buy a car. Before we even get to the point of buying it, we want to make a list of want we want in a car. We want it to be fuel efficient. We want it to be well made and therefore reliable. We want it to be able to traverse tough terrain, if needed. This car should last to able to be given to my grandson. We want to be cruising in this car, listening to Will Smith while zombies eat faces in the gutter. We want Athens’ Own to be the same.

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